Dynamic Food Processor Mixer รุ่น Combine vegetable / Food Processor

Dynamic Food Processor Mixer รุ่น Combine vegetable slicer / Food Processor


Dynamic Food Processor Mixer รุ่น Combine vegetable slicer


  • A versatile device with a vegetable slicer  and a cutter bowl attachment with only one motor block
  • Power : An induction motor with 1100W power, ensuring robustness and reliability over time


  • Two hoppers to adapt to all types of vegetables: a wide hopper of 217 cmfor bulky vegetables such as cabbage, celeriac and a cylindrical hopper of Ø 60.5 mm for long and delicate vegetables (zucchinis, cucumbers).
  • A side food chute with a 20 cm passage to install a deep GN collection container (20 cm).
  • Wide variety of cuts : a large choice os stainless steel discs for slicing, grating, julienne, dicing or making french fries. Increased productivity thanks to the largest discs on the market with a diameter of 225 mm.
  • All parts in contact with food are easily removable and dishwasher-proof for quick cleaning : cutting chamber, pusher, hooper and pusher handle.
  • Automatic magnetic detection for total operator safety


  •   Food processor for blending, mixing, choping, emulsifying in a few seconds. Supplied with a smooth edged blade with inverted cutters (patented system).
  • 5.4 litres Stainless steel bowl (rated capacity) or an operating capacity of 4.3 Litres, equipped with an integrated manual scraper arm. Ability to add ingredients during preparation without opening the lid.
  •  The “PULSE” function enables grinding and precision work, the “REVERSE” function enables gentle mixing and preserves the added ingredient entirely.
  • Automatic magnetic detection on the stainless steel bowl and lid for total operator safety.
Product Details

Power (Watts): 1100
Voltage: 220 – 240 V, Single-phased