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Fresh Gelato machine + Display – รุ่น Synthesis 2 Horizontal

Carpigiani - เครื่องทำเจลาโต้สด พร้อมระบบตู้โชว์ (Fresh Gelato machine with display mode) และระบบพาสเจอร์ไรซ์(Pastuerize mode) ครบจบในเครื่องเดียว (5 in 1) รุ่น Synthesis 2 Horizontal


Fresh Gelato Concept make Fresh Gelato Ice cream as fast as 6 minutes right in front of your customer. All processes are done within “Synthesis 2” Machine. From  producing, storing and serving gelato, sorbet, ice cream, Sicilian granita and slush in front of customers in just a few simple steps. All in the same cylinder! / Required just Single Phase electricity to move anywhere you desire

Each module consists of two cylinders that independently produce and statically store gelato. Furthermore, each cylinder has its own consistency and storage temperature settings to best produce every single flavor.
Thanks to its modular technology that adapts to your business, SyNTHESIS 2 is the ideal solution for adding gelato to any location. Create your shop by combining the vertical and horizontal SyNTHESIS 2 modules.

Product Details

Size cm (WxDxH): 75x65x100
Weight (KG): 196
Power (Watts): 250
Voltage: 220-240
Temperature range: